5 Best SEO Tips 2020, Your Site Will Now Move Faster In SEO

May 5, 2020
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5 Best SEO Tips 2020, Your Site Will Now Move Faster In SEO

5 Best SEO Tips 2020,

Generally, SEO means how we can bring a website to Google rank. How to get a site in a good position and bring traffic is the main job of SEO. So today I will discuss 5 best SEO tips that will help in the ranking and traffic of your site.

Website speed

First of all, try to keep the speed of your site within 2 seconds, no matter what kind of site it is. If you want to keep your website ranking in a good position in Google, then you must work to reduce the loading speed of your site. Loading speed is an important ranking factor.

Some tips to reduce the loading speed of the site
Use a good web hosting (take a look)
Use a light theme (it is better not to use it for free)
You can use the cache plugin.
Be sure to minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
The image must be optimized
Redirect site to the HTTPS version
Above all, keep the site design simple.
Details of reducing the loading speed of the site are here.
Search intent
Search intent refers to the user’s needs and what the visitor wants so that Google understands that you are writing for your visitors. For this, you need to use keyword intent while doing keyword research.

If you want to get ranking easily in Google, you need to understand your user’s search intent or interface. So, if you use the target keyword as well as search intent, you will get good results.

In Death Article

Look at your competitor’s average articles, get ideas from their articles, and find out the gaps in your competitor’s articles. See if they put any topics in the article. You put them in your content. Then visitors can learn a lot from your content. Finally, when your customer sees that a lot of good information is coming from your website, don’t forget to bookmark the site.

Update content

Instead of publishing new articles, you should update your old content so that Google understands that your content is performing well. Content update means you can add some words to the content, you can add some topics, you can add powerful words, you can keep good images, tips, statistics or data so that the visitors bounce. “Once you know the techniques to write content

Small tips

Go to the Google Search Console and verify which keywords are not doing well on Google, and then update the content with more information, screenshots, LSI keywords.

Hopefully, your website will rank higher.

Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are keywords that are longer than four words,

Visitors now search more with long-tail keywords. The advantage of long-tail keywords is that they are easy to rank and users use these keywords to buy a product.


Short Tail Keywords: Best baby furniture.

Long Tail Keywords: Best baby furniture Under $ 5k

If you like it so far today, don’t forget to leave your opinion in the comments, brother.

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