Tawk.to is a great plugin for live chat with users

June 21, 2020
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Tawk.to is a great plugin for live chat with users

Everyone who knows WordPress will recognize how important plugins are at all levels of the site. WordPress is unimaginable without plugins. There are thousands of free or paid plugins for everything you want to do. I will write today about a working plugin. Name Tawk.to. Its job is to provide live chat with visitors or users of your site. It can be found in the WordPress Plugins section. It can be downloaded and used for free and can be used for free for life. You can hire their own chat agent for $ 1 per hour if you don’t have enough time. But I don’t think there is any need to hire a chat agent for Bangladesh because they communicate in English. Another way you can communicate with users without a chat agent is when I will say that in the next post.

Why should we use tawk.to?

There are many benefits to live chat with users, such as their views about the site being directly available, various offers being reported instantly, and the possibility of users coming back again and again. And the biggest thing is that since a person is talking to you directly, he has a kind of trust in your site so that he can bring many more users to your site. Again it offers a session-based chat facility. So even if a visitor is not a registered user of the site, he can chat with it. And even if your site is not a WordPress site, it works equally well. What? It seems like a lot of work, right?

Tawk.to Features

You can make it work in 1 minute just by putting some JavaScript lines on any of your pages.
It monitors user movement over time.
Supports any device (e.g., mobile, computer, etc.)
Visitor widget can be customized.
Integrated with any content management system like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.
Visitors can be banned/unbanned.
File sharing benefits.
If you miss a chat with someone unknowingly for any reason, you can immediately inform them via email.
-When, when, with whom you spoke, etc. The whole history of the system unlimited 6. How much more!

The process of installing Tawk.to on the WordPress site

Before doing this, go to Tawk.to and create an account. It’s very simple so I didn’t feel the need to go through this process. But if there is a problem you can knock me. I will cooperate in any need.

  1. Login to your WordPress site
  2. Click on Plugins by clicking on the menu bar
  3. Now click on Add New in the submenu
  4. Now type Tawk.to in the Search Plugins box
  5. Now Install Now Tawk.to Live Chat Plugin
  6. Click the Install and Activate button
  7. Now click on Settings in your WordPress menu and click on tawk.to under the submenu
  8. Now in the Account Settings option, sign in with your tawk.to account email and password.
  9. Now select your Property given in tawk.to
  10. Now click on Use selected widget
  11. Now click on Visibility Options and enable the Always show Tawk.to the widget on every page option.
  12. Now login to your tawk.to account and click on Admin
  13. Now copy the codes in the Widget Code box
  14. Now take a text widget by clicking on your WordPress Widget menu and paste the code there. Diameter is the end of your work. If you want to see a demo of it, you can visit my website (I don’t know if you will give admin permission!). Hopefully, I can give you another tutorial on some of its settings. You can also let us know if there are any problems with this process. Then I will solve it in the next tutorial.

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