Answer All Your Question About The Internal Links Of The Website

June 17, 2020
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Answer All Your Question About The Internal Links Of The Website

Answer all your question about the internal links,

As long as there are questions about the internal links, the post should be made to be clear.

Q-1: I saw my competition is linking to the home page from the article of his post, now how do you feel about linking to the home page from my article? I will give if you recommend it. So how to link to the home page from the general content?

I shared a diagram, it was taken from MOZ.COM, there I did a little customization.

Internal Links SEO Bangla

Q-2: According to the diagram, should I give the link to the pillar article from the home page or should I give the internal links from the pillar article to the home page? And if there is a problem with the exchange.

Q-3: Is it okay as I have identified? At the very bottom is info, then the Individual Money Article, then the Pillar Article, then the Home Page.

Q-4: Now if I link to an individual article from info, again if there is an exchange, will the silo system be okay? The same goes for Individual and Pillar.

Q-5: Will I keep the info in this system or will I remove the info from the silo system?
And if I want to follow the silo diagram, should I make my content structure such that if there is no 5 individual content for a pillar article, then 2 for 5 is info, that is 10 info.

Q-6: When arranging the site in the Silo system, should I keep only the pillar content on the home page, or if I keep other individual ones, is there any problem?

Q-6: Do you recommend this system? My articles are now linked in a natural way from the article. I will re-arrange this system if you recommend it.

My answers!

  1. No need. Google does not rank homepages. Rather ranks individual pages. So there is no need for internal links to the home unless absolutely necessary.

  2. Link to Pillar Content from Home.

  3. No, that’s not right. You will link to individual and pillar content pages from info content. The fewer links from Pillar to Info and Individual pages, the better. Because we always want to rank the pillar or round-up post, we will always keep the single or info content as just supportive content, but if the cell is actually ranked, then it is gold. 🙂

  4. Silo actually works by category or content relevance. It does not depend on info or pillar or a single review page. If your info and pillar content is relevant and on the same category or topic; Then the silo will not break. The silo will break when you go beyond a category or topic or relevance tag and link from one post to another.

  5. Yes, of course. Even, we showed in the latest video of our live project how to find info content ideas in the interest of siloing for pillar content. Your structure is fine.

  6. Dude, the homepage here is the parent page of the site (in your image). Your parent page may not be the homepage. If your site has 50 roundups or pillar content; Then those 50 pages are your parent page one by one which is the homepage according to your image. So, now think about how to decorate your site. You can put all kinds of links on the homepage. No problem.

  7. The graph needs to be adjusted. Which I said in step number 3.

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