My Target Keyword Competitors Are Not Using! Can I Go Ahead

May 3, 2020
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My Target Keyword Competitors Are Not Using! Can I Go Ahead

My target keyword:-

Exact keywords we target. But Google does not consider this thing as a ranking factor now. By applying Artificial Intelligence, Google can now understand the context of an article. It no longer needs keywords to understand what the main point of an article is.

Now if we take this matter seriously, and if we analyze those who are sitting on the first page; See a subject; That is – the topic/context/summary of each site but the keyword you want to target; That is what it represents.

So, in this case, you will rank only if you focus on the keywords; That’s wrong. Because Google has already taken those who are on the first page, they are the most relevant and qualified.

Now you can do that; You can give the best content on the first page and build the best link. And internal links from other relevant pages/posts on your site. Only then is it possible to do something good?

Here’s what you can do if you want to gently on the first page;

1. Good content should:

You must provide more word content than the competitor. And the subject matter of the content must be relevant.

2. The silo structure of the site must be maintained:

The interlinking of your site must be right. If interlinking is not right then there will be problems in SEO.

3. Link Building:

The link building of the site must be better than the competitor. You can use Ubersuggest for free to check competitor link building but it is better to use paid tools in this case. Ahrefs are very good tools for him. You can easily track the competitor and do link building accordingly.

That’s why I say to write an in-depth article.

The better you can cover an article’s topic, the deeper you can analyze a topic; You will be able to rank in such good keywords. The key issue here is whether the keyword is exactly targeted to the article.

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