Google AdSense CPC | How Much Work Is It During Research?

June 13, 2020
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Google AdSense CPC | How Much Work Is It During Research?

Google AdSense CPC,

Many of us look at CPC when doing keyword research for Google AdSense sites. How useful is this?

Let’s do the anatomy of this puzzle –

The CPC depends on the advertiser’s average bid targeting a keyword. Suppose an advertiser adds Google to your keyword and he fixes a budget according to per click.

Many such advertisers will do the same thing. And then you can see an average CPC for that keyword. No one is targeting and adding a keyword today – so no keyword research tool (ahrefs, semrush, KWFinder) can pick this CPC data from Google. So, tomorrow, no one will target this keyword and add any new advertiser to Google, what is the security of it?

So, just because of a wrong decision, you are not targeting very good keywords in your blog and you are losing a lot of revenue. 🙂
Again, the keyword you are targeting may not have CPC, but if you move that keyword a little, you will see that you are getting CPC. Therefore, there is no benefit in always focusing CPC on our exact keywords. Since Google shows ads based on content, we should provide all content based on topics so that Google can show enough related contextual ads.

So, when doing research for AdSense or such contextual sites, look at the search volume without looking at the CPC of the keyword. Exact: Keywords will show related ads even if you don’t get CPC in any keyword research tool.

And the more ads, the more clicks, and the more… what?

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