Competitor Analysis How To Do Manually In The Best Way?

May 3, 2020
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Competitor Analysis How To Do Manually In The Best Way?

Competitor Analysis:-

I hope everyone is fine? I’m much, much better. How to Manually Competitor Analysis You can understand today’s content by looking at the title. The main problem for those who are doing affiliate marketing or thinking about starting is to analyze the competitors during word research because many do not have paid tools. And without paid tools, doing keyword research and analyzing competitors with it is quite a hassle or experience, and there is no reason to worry about what to do if the competitor is strong. Today, I will show you how to manually perform Committer Analysis while researching what kind of paid tools for Amazon affiliate marketing. Let’s get started.

How to understand weak sites? There are weaknesses in the first ten sites who see these to understand it

  1. You will see 1-10 site titles when there are no keywords.
  2. When you see the URL of the 1-10 site, you will see that there are no keywords.
  3. In the meta description of 1-10 site, you will see that there are no keywords.
  4. How many rankings are there in the root domain of 1-10 sites? Check the position well.
  5. If there is YouTube, social media, forum, that position is weak. However, if 3/4 of the results of 1-10 sites are gold.
    . If the e-commerce site has a lot of dominance, it is better to leave it out. Google prefers e-commerce sites in search results.
    . You will see backlinks of 1-10 sites, how many sites have fewer backlinks (20-50)
    . How many sites are there in less time?
  6. If you rank high authority sites in exact keywords, you have to understand many tough competitors.
  7. What are the article’s quality and length of the competitors? 1000 is very good.
  8. If the search results of 1-10 sites do not super target your keywords
  9. If the content of the search results of 1-10 sites is written long ago or becomes outdated.
  10. If no authority site appears in the search results of 1-10 sites.
  11. How many sites are there on 500 pages? This is a way to understand the authority site. You can easily target this keyword with 500 or less
  12. How old is their domain? If Kenana is older, Google does the same as we respect many.

These are the things that are coming to mind at the moment.

I hope the whole thing is clear to you. If anyone has difficulty understanding, please comment. According to today, so far. Everyone will be fine, stay healthy.

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