What Do Category Keywords And Supportive Keywords Mean?

May 3, 2020
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What Do Category Keywords And Supportive Keywords Mean?

What do Category keywords and supportive keywords:

The question was:

If “Online Education” is the parent keyword / main keyword, then Online Education Degree, Online Education Certificate, Online Education Programs, Online Education Colleges are supposed to be the supporting keyword / long tail keyword of the main keyword. Who referred to these as category keywords.

How do I know if these are a category keyword or supportive keyword?

And will I collect the category keywords only from the competition’s website? Because if you use any tool of keyword research, it always suggests the supportive/long-tail keyword of the main keyword.


Category Keyword:
The category keyword is topics related to your niche. All in all, the keyword is that you will take it according to your related topic depending on the specific topic. If your Nice is mobile then the category will be Samsung mobile or iPhone. This is the category keyword. Well, we understand that the sub-niche of a niche is a category keyword.

Supporting Keywords:
When you take a sub-niche from your niche then all the keywords that are taken to you to write an article from that niche are called supportive keyword or the keyword that are used to write articles related to that category are supported keywords. For example, Mobile is your niche, and the sub-niche is iPhone and the supporting keyword of the iPhone is iPhone 6 or iPhone 7.

To better understand, category keyword means a semi-niche keyword under the niche industry you are working with. Online education is a huge niche.

Here education programs, education degrees can be categorized differently by focusing on these – because you can write many articles about degrees. Again, you can write a lot of articles about programs.

Now let’s talk about supportive keyword. Everything you publish will be supportive articles. And the keyword that you will target in those articles will be the supportive keyword.


You published an article – “Top 10 Business Education Degree Colleges in NYC”.

Now if you write 3 articles to support this article, then they can be keywords-

  1. how to get an education degree in NYC.
  2. Education ecosystem in NYC.
  3. how is the dorm life for students in NYC.
  • Notice here, you have “how to get an education degree in NYC.” With this, you will not be able to submit any more articles. So you can’t take it as a category keyword, even if you want to.

So you understand, you can think of any related keyword as a supportive keyword. And the category will be when you can give much more content to your site with that particular keyword.

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