Ways of Article Writing (Content or Blog Post) and A to Z Guidelines.
June 22, 2020
There is a saying in the digital marketing industry, “Content is king”. Therefore, if you have a digital state, then the omnipotent ruler of that state is content. Site design, backlinks, page speed These are the soldiers-feudal lords or tenants of the state. šŸ™‚ If your king is not right; But then that state will […]
Tawk.to is a great plugin for live chat with users
June 21, 2020
Everyone who knows WordPress will recognize how important plugins are at all levels of the site. WordPress is unimaginable without plugins. There are thousands of free or paid plugins for everything you want to do. I will write today about a working plugin. Name Tawk.to. Its job is to provide live chat with visitors or […]
Answer All Your Question About The Internal Links Of The Website
June 17, 2020
Answer all your question about the internal links, As long as there are questions about theĀ internal links, the post should be made to be clear. Q-1: I saw my competition is linking to the home page from the article of his post, now how do you feel about linking to the home page from my […]
Google AdSense CPC | How Much Work Is It During Research?
June 13, 2020
Google AdSense CPC, Many of us look at CPC when doing keyword research for Google AdSense sites. How useful is this? Let’s do the anatomy of this puzzle – The CPC depends on the advertiser’s average bid targeting a keyword. Suppose an advertiser adds Google to your keyword and he fixes a budget according to […]
How To Make Your Website Local SEO 2020 In An Easy Way
May 26, 2020
local SEO 2020 in an easy way, If you want to establish your business or company locally, then search engine optimization plays a big role in the success of your business in the targeted local market. Since your targeted customer is looking for the product through the search engine that you provide as a service/product. […]