Anchor Text Full Guidelines | Link Building Should Be Risk-Free!

May 5, 2020
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Anchor Text Full Guidelines | Link Building Should Be Risk-Free!

Anchor Text:-

Your Keywords: Best Baby Strollers For Twins

Link to your round-up post:

Now if you have 12 backlinks for these keywords and posts, what should be the anchor text of those 12 links?

  • twin strollers
  • tandem stroller
  • strollers for infants
  • strollers from BabyCarezBase
  • stroller options
  • source / reference
  • as seen on BabyCarezBase
  • a detailed guide on baby strollers
  • link
  • learn more
  • pick a baby stroller
  • studies show

Tools used:

  3. Some of my personal anchors that I use most of the time. 🙂

You see, I have never used Exact Match Anchor “Best Baby Strollers For Twins” (risky to take it from a good site). Exact match anchors are not required 80% of the time for ranking (I have tested it). If there is a related anchor, Google ranks it. What is the benefit of just taking the risk?

Remember, with the link, you will increase or create relevance and trust with your post related content/topics of different sites. That’s all. The keyword that you want to rank your money page with Best Baby Strollers For Twins is to explain to Google with your on-page expertise (optimizing various tags, meta, and content). Backlinks are for relevance and power / trust-building only, never for picking a specific keyword. This is exactly the thing when you understand or realize that even if you make a lot of aggressive links, you will not be penalized.

What then?

Follow this anchor list format for every piece of content on your site. Save or bookmark the post.

Hopefully, Anchor text has captured the original message of the text.


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